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How do we get great results:


Aches and pains are NOT signs that your body isn't able to work, they are signs of neurological confusion!


Your brain and spinal cord supply the neurological signals to your muscle, providing them with the ability to function.


As nerves are irritated, muscles tension and joints stiffen. To negate these symptoms muscles and joints need to remain active. Muscles have memory and they need to be tasked, and joints need to remain mobile and taken through a full range of motion daily, in order to stay healthy.   


With or without symptoms, nerve interference impairs the body's function.


A thorough examination helps us locate the source of any nerve compromise or muscular imbalanace.

Health Resources!!

The following resources have been assembled to provide you with at home information and clarification for the common exercises that Drs. McGovern provide in office.

Additionally, the Drs. have provided you with some great references that they use daily to maintain healthy and up to date with current research.

Spinal Warm-ups

Each and every person we meet can benefit from doing the Spinal Warm-ups!  Think of them like brushing your teeth; you brush to keep your teeth sparkly white and healthy without cavities. Your nervous system and spine require the same treatment to maintain an optimally functioning body. Think of it as Spinal Hygiene or brushing your spine!

Take a minute and watch the follwing videos to familiarize yourself with the suggested daily spinal warm-ups, and read through the provided document for a description of each:

Chin Retraction and Head against the Wall

Think about how many children are in school working with their heads down, and how much time adults spend looking at their cellphones or how many have their computer monitor or keyboard tray at the wrong level.

Today's working lifestyle promotes overactivity of our forward pulling muscles and a relaxation/weakness of those correcting or maintaining posture.

Additionally, it is ingrained in our being, to protect our vital organs (heart and lungs) on the front of our body, utilizing our spine and back as our shell like a turtle does.

While constantly being pulled forward by the work we do and the innate tendencies of our being, our forward lifestyle patterns lead to many mechanical complications within the human anatomy.  

Have you ever wondered why the population in general hold stresses across the tops of the shoulders?

The tightness of theses muscles is directly related to our neck posture and shoulder blade positioning. Ultimately, this pattern of imbalance creates joint dysfunction, particularly at the atlanto-occipital joint, C4-C5 segment, cervicothoracic joint, glenohumeral joint, and T4-T5 segment.

The following exercise videos and description document should be utlized daily to help negate the life stresses that we experience daily, helping to maintain proper posture and decrease stress. 

Additional exercises for suggestion:

The following documents have exercises for those indivduals who are interested in enhancing your health and wellness. Drs. McGovern take no credit for any of the following videos, but utilize each in their own health and wellness practices.


Core stabilizing: McGill Big Three

Plantar Fasciitis (Fasciosis):


Mid-Back Stretch:

- Lung Congestion

- Scoliosis Tension

Median Nerve Neural Flossing:

- For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Ulnar Nerve Neural Flossing:

- Nerve for the pinky and ring finger


Radial Nerve Neural Flossing:

- Nerve for the back of the arm


3 way neck stretches:


Living in pain is NO longer necessary!

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