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Oscar Bear & Carly Girl:
Office Greeters

We are the Office Greeters here at McGovern Chiropractic. Our job is to greet all of our awesome patients. We even have a few select favorites that get a wiggle or kiss when they arrive. Oscar Bear was adopted from Northeast Animal Shelter and and is a lab mixed with ChowChow (check out my purple spotted tongue). Carly Girl was adopted from a shelter in Boston and is a mix of Husky, Akita, Shepard and love. 

Mom and Dad also have us living the wellness lifestyle they teach here in the office. We exercise daily, eat clean doggie diets, and take our vitamins and fish oil everyday. Oh, don't forget a treat here and there!

Some of Oscar's favorite things are belly rubs and bum scratches, long walks and stalking squirrels or bunnies. Some of Carly's favorite things are zoomies around the yard, sunbathing, anything brother does and giving kisses. Most of all we love to see all our patients.


Office Location:
85 Constitution Lane, Suite 1E
Enter Door 2, First office on the Left
Danvers, MA 01923

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