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Our Health Care Team!
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Stephanie Rooney
Morning Office Manager


Ana Quartarone
Evening Office Manager


Oscar Bear & Carly Girl
Office Greeters


Laying the Foundation for Optimal Health!

Movement is Life!

Think of your body as a stack of joints consecutively building on each other. If one falters the joints above and below can result in dysfunction.
Pain and discomfort create changes in ones joint mobility, altering the ability to use the joint as it was meant to. An alteration to joint movement leads to the bodies unconscious adaptation, changing function of the joint.

This is why we believe in wellness care! It is much more efficient to grow healthy children, instead of fixing unhealthy adults. Maintaining joint mobility and control are essential for living a healthy active lifestyle.


Office Location:
85 Constitution Lane, Suite 1E
Enter Door 2, First office on the Left
Danvers, MA 01923

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