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Relief From Pain

As your pregnancy progresses, your body changes. These changes can place excess strain and pressure on the spine, muscles and ligaments. Chiropractic adjustments and exercises—both of which are completely safe for expectant mothers—can provide relief from the back, hip, and sciatic nerve pain that frequently accompany pregnancy. Many women even find that chiropractic adjustments also provide relief from pregnancy-related heartburn or nausea. Chiropractic care is also known to help minimize the need for c-sections, as well as the use of forceps or vacuum during delivery.

Furthermore, the physical changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy can cause shifts and imbalances that can make for a difficult pregnancy. But perhaps more fundamentally, these imbalances can also have a negative impact on labor. 

The seminal obstetrics textbook, Williams Obstetrics, explains that “...any contraction of the pelvic diameters that diminish the capacity of the pelvis can create dystocia (difficulty) during labor.” The text goes on to explain that when the sacrum is displaced or out of alignment, the pelvic diameter is decreased. This could potentially lead to excessively difficult and painful labor.

Webster Technique

Drs. Ashley and Matthew are both certified in the Webster Technique; a technique that was created by Dr. Larry Webster, founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that corrects sacral subluxation, balances pelvic muscles and ligaments, removes constraint allowing the baby optimal opportunity to get into the best possible position for birth. Chiropractic adjustments develop balance in the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis, allowing for a greater chance of a vaginal or “natural” delivery.

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Dr. Jeanne Ohm DC
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